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12 Reasons Why People Fail in Life

Whether it is the resolution to shed a couple of pounds that just could not be kept or your dream to get out of the 9 to 5 grind and have your own venture up and running that amounted to nothing,there is a common thread to failure just as there is to success. So,here is a look at the factors that separate the dreamers from the achievers,the 12 reasons why people fail in life and what you can do to rid yourself of these detrimental habits.

Not starting with a clear goal
Even if you were riding at full throttle,you would just be going in circles unless you knew where your journey is supposed to take you. From,people who have managed to make a lifestyle change to those who have reached the pinnacles of corporate success,everybody started with a succinct idea of what they were going after.

Jot down your goals,starting with the biggest and breaking it down into smaller parts till you reach what needs to be done almost immediately,as in the next few weeks. Contrary to popular perception,you do not have to start big,but it is imperative to begin somewhere. Michael Jordan is a big proponent of starting with the basic goals and moving your way to the top. For instance if your goal is to create a blog,why not start here,[dcl=7553]

Being cut from the varsity team left him feeling so horrible that his immediate goal was to never go through the experience again. While the big picture was to still become an all time great basketball player,the first step was to become a starter in varsity and for this he worked all summer. The rest as they say is history.

No awareness of your strengths and weaknesses
People who do not evaluate their strengths and weaknesses are bound to fail because they will never know what areas of their life to hone and which ones can be cashed in on. So,once you have a clear definition of your goals,it is time for a SWOT analysis. In a matrix,to your left,start by writing down your strengths in one quadrant and your opportunities below them.

These are the positive points that will work in your favor. On your right hand side,put down your weaknesses and threats; these are factors that need work and have the potential to hold you back. Make sure that you go back and revise these as needed,trying to bring down the number of your threats and weaknesses.

Charging ahead without a roadmap
A to do list drawn to address the very first mini goal on your list will tell you if you have reached the first milestone and when you are ready to tackle the next hurdle. While micro planning may not work for everybody,you do need to have a clear idea of how you intend to spend the time allotted to a specific section of your journey.

Lack of commitment
Dreaming will just not be enough to accomplish your goals; to get where you want to be,you will need to make constant effort,commit yourself to turning your visions into reality,whatever the endeavor may take. Often the lack of accountability mars the spirit of commitment. Fortunately,not only can you make yourself responsible for a set target these days but also it is possible to get others involved through social media and apps. If you work in a team or with a partner,discuss your goals. So,that everybody knows where the train is headed and who needs to do what through the journey.

Lack of energy
There can be physiological reasons for your lack of energy as well psychological undercurrents. If you constantly feel lethargic,don’t put off that doctor’s visit,you could be dealing with a simple vitamin deficiency or something as serious as a thyroid dysfunction. Proper nutrition,sleep and time for entertainment are all crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle which will go a long way in helping you achieve your dreams.

At the psychological level,being forced to do what you don’t enjoy can turn into the biggest de-motivating force. If you cannot seem to get yourself to work,try to align your goals with what you like/enjoy doing. If this is not entirely possible in your current scenario,set up a reward system for yourself,whereby you get to indulge in a pleasurable activity after meeting a set target.

Shunning people networks and associating with the wrong people
Most people who go to Ivy League schools will tell you that more than the actual education,it’s the contacts they cultivated which served them through their lifetimes. Hanging with the right people can indeed get you places. Also,we have all heard the adage,”you are only as good as the company you keep”.

If you want to be positive,stay away from the whiners who will put a dampener on your plans and enthusiasm. There are always new skills that a person can pick up; associate yourself self with those who are experts in your field,who have achieved something. Just seeing them work can be a learning experience and encourage you to move along faster.

Not being organized
Just like clutter is the bane of productivity so also a disorganized lifestyle can be the biggest hurdle in the way of achieving success. How can you possibly be dedicated towards a goal when you cannot find it in yourself to lead a disciplined life? In fact,this is the primary reason why discipline is so rigorously instilled in military personnel. Once you have dealt with the basic needs of life in an organized manner,you will have more mental and physical bandwidth and time to tackle the larger goals.

Not educating yourself further
The words of Tom Hopkins,the real estate guru ring true in the matter; “no one limits your growth but you”. At every step of the way,you will need new information,new skills,if you ignore the need for learning and constant improvement,you will just be holding yourself back.

Long term visions often get clearer and more achievable as you further your education. This need not necessarily be a formal degree but if you do need to go back to school,do not let petty concerns such as your age or the responsibilities at home stop you. Learn to work around them. A lot of community colleges now offer part time and online programs and there is government aid available for those who want to further their education. Remember,as long as you have the will,you can always find a way.

Not leaving a margin for adjustment and review
Nothing in your plans should be etched in stone; the only thing in this world and in life that is constant is change and those who resist change do not make it. So,instead of trying to go against the tide,in this particular matter,try to swim along with it. As you march steadfastly towards your goals,you will find that every now and then you will need to make a few changes to your plans. Do not shy away from these amends and under no circumstances should you consider this bad planning. Adaptability many huge commercial corporations their ability to survive and it will do the same for you.

Shying away from risks
There is such a thing as a calculated risk and then there is outright gambling. To rely on Lady Luck entirely to get your back would be plain ol’ stupid,but to avoid risks so vehemently that you even let the opportunities which come along with them pass you by would be worse. The fear of taking risks is possibly one of the topmost of the 12 reasons why people fail in life. Remember,”The brave may not live forever,but the cautious do not live at all”.

When he was starting off in the world of investments,Warren Buffet had to borrow from his sister and get a second mortgage on his home to collect the capital he needed. Had he taken this money to Vegas and tried his luck on the roulette wheel,none of us would have heard about him today.

However,he had a very clear idea of the risk he had taken,how he intended to use the money he had collected and above all his contingency. In this case,it was his wife who worked and his college degree which could always get him a job. The moral here is that take a risk,but calculate what is at stake and keep a bailout plan ready.

Giving Up
This can best be explained with the immortal words of the legendary Thomas Edison,”Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”. Even the smallest goal will seem impossible if you give up at the first sign of trouble or failure. But for those who persevere,there is no force in the world that can stop them. It took one hundred attempts for Edison to invent the bulb,but even if it would fail the 109th time,he would still in all likelihood carry on.

If all of us were to give up the first time we fell down when attempting to walk,we would be a species of crawlers. However,learning to overcome the setbacks,to get up and walk again despite the fall is what has given us our ability to run today. So,why not use this very valuable lesson that we all learnt as children throughout our lives?

Too many excuses
We are at the end of our list of the 12 reasons why people fail in life and although this is the last segment of this write-up in no sense is it the least. If you fail,take responsibility for the failure; this does not mean beating yourself up over it. However,you do need to analyze what went wrong,what was your role in the debacle and how it could have been done differently Read more [dcl=7554].

Unfortunately,few of us take this route,passing the blame and offering excuses has become second nature to most of us. If you are serious about achieving your goals in life,this habit should be the first that ought to be kicked out of your system. You willingness to give up habits that hold you back and inculcate new ones is what will give you the fuel for success.

The end word on the matter is this; you have the freedom to make your choices in life. All of us have the God given right to the pursue happiness and success. Whether we actually use this right or not is entirely up to us! Not everybody is born with a silver spoon. Take a look at the top 5 people in the Forbes billionaire’s list and you will find that all of them had to struggle and fight their way to the top. In conclusion,I leave you with these extraordinary words of Abraham Lincoln,”That some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well”.

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